For many years, asphalt has been the most common roofing material used by a wide margin. It’s widely accepted primarily due to its reasonable price point, but don’t let that fool you; while asphalt might not last as long as other materials, according to the National Association of Home Builders, it can last approximately 20 years. Given the relatively inexpensive upfront cost, that’s a long time. When asphalt roofing is installed, there are generally two different types:

  1. Three-tab shingles get their name from their unique look prior to installation, that of a single piece with three prominent tabs. Once installation is finished, each tab looks like an individual shingle.
  2. Architectural shingles that are laminated with a secondary layer of asphalt. This creates a textured look that’s very appealing.

Free Roofing Analysis

At Red Dog’s Roofing, our team of professionals knows that every business and homeowner has their own unique needs. That’s why, when you contact us, we’ll come to you for a free roofing analysis. We’ll evaluate the condition of your roof and make recommendations to keep it looking great and performing better throughout the years. At that time, we can also determine if asphalt roofing is the right fit for both your budget and your needs.

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