Up until recently, metal roofing received no respect. When the subject came up, most people would think of a cheap tin roof that provided very little protection and even less in the way of aesthetics. The fact is, metal roofing has been used successfully all across the world, and you can find examples of it on Monticello, Notre Dame Cathedral, and the Pantheon.

The Roof of The Future

Technological advances in metal roofing have sprung forward to an incredible degree, and owners of homes and businesses are embracing them enthusiastically. Aesthetic options are wide, with choices that look identical to slate, wood, tile, and traditional standing seam. For homeowners in particular, this aspect is excellent as it allows their roof to seamlessly blend into any residential setting.

Environmentally Responsible

Perhaps the biggest reason for the popularity of metal roofs is their environmental sustainability. Most roofs are at least partially made from recycled materials, and they are built to last for decades. Installing a metal roof can also reduce the energy needs of your home or business, and it’s extremely common for owners to experience at least a 25 percent reduction in their electrical bills.

Sarasota’s Metal Roofing Leader

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